Let’s Try This One More Time

woman-typing-writing-windows.jpgHey Ya’ll!!!


I have always been a writer – whether through poems, devotionals, songs or informational articles – I just want to write…but wanting to and actually doing it are often so far from each other.

Whether it is a lack of time, a lack of organization, or being the definition of “social media ignoramus,” I want to write regularly and, yet, it doesn’t happen.  I’m not exactly known for my follow-through on things. I am, however, known for my A-MA-ZING procrastination skills.  🙂

I’ve started a few different blogs; I paid for a website that I barely utilized; I have been frustrated over and over again by not understanding the technology, and I have things I want to share!!!!  BUT,  I have not made the actual writing a priority.

Well, you say, you did have a kidney failure and a transplant and you do have 3 children you’re homeschooling while also teaching piano lessons, directing a choir and more.


However, don’t we make time for the things that we REALLY, deep down crave and need to do?  I think so.

So, this is my final first blog post…The title of my blog is “Choosing Well” and I need so much improvement on actually doing that – really making great choices each day, each hour, each minute.  Choosing well by prioritizing my family, by staying close to Jesus, by keeping my house in order, by building relationships, and yes, by writing regularly.

Won’t you join me in CHOOSING WELL?!


P.S.  I’m going ahead and posting some of my favorite older posts on here for anyone who wants to read them!  But lots of new posts are coming!!!!









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