Welcome to MusicPlusKC!

Hi!  MusicPlusKC is the music business I run here in the Kansas City area.  I am pleased to provide the following fun learning opportunities:

  • Private piano lessons in my home and at Meyer Music
  • Vocal coaching and other private music tutoring
  • Vocal/piano music for weddings and other special events
  • Kansas City Homeschool Choirs
  • MusiXploration Early Childhood Music Classes (coming soon)
  • Music Education classes including hand chimes, recorders, boomwhackers, music theory and more (as interest demands)

After getting my B.A. in Church Music and Music Education, followed by my Master of Church Music degree, I taught elementary music for 12 years.  I have taught piano lessons and worked with choirs for over 20 years, as well as worked in church music ministry.  Currently, I hold a certification for K-12 music and I sure do love sharing music with students of all ages!

I am thankful for parents who pushed me to learn instruments and sing throughout my childhood.  They spent a lot of money on lessons to help me explore my interests and develop my talents!  That is why I am able to do what I do!

The benefits of music education are innumerable!  If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please e-mail me at musicpluskc@gmail.com.  Or, if you just have questions about music education, I would be happy to assist.






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