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Beginning Again

Today, I will begin again. Heavy sigh. Can I be honest with you? First thing in the morning, I almost never get up and spend time with the Lord, although I would tell you He is my first priority.  Instead … Continue reading

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Easy and Delicious Butterscotch Dessert!!!

For Tom’s August birthday, the girls each made a delicious dessert!  All 3 were delicious, but Lilly’s was pretty much the easiest recipe EVER and was scrumptious!  It will be made many times in our house!  It’s also great for … Continue reading

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Have Books, Will Travel

It was just a four-hour jaunt to St. Louis for a family weekend, but I was prepared to be educated, entertained and inspired along the way. Four books accompanied me, each one distinct from the others.  I’m sure I’ll write … Continue reading

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“Mommy, you look beautiful!”

“Mommy, you look beautiful,” my almost 5-year-old said once again.   I had no make-up on; my hair was not clean and smartly styled; I did not feel beautiful AT ALL, but in her eyes, I was beautiful. Allison constantly uplifts … Continue reading

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CHANGE – It’s Not Rocket Science!!!

I have a sign hanging on the white board to my right that says, “IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!” Above that, it lists three relatively simple things I could do to change my life and that of our family. Daily time … Continue reading

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They are listening…

    “I’M SO JEALOUS,” a little voice exclaimed from the back seat.  I was startled, caught off guard, because jealousy is the opposite of the character traits we are trying to instill in our children!   I don’t even remember … Continue reading

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HELP! My spouse and I have nothing to talk about!

Okay, maybe my marriage is just not as amazing as yours, but sometimes when my fabulous hubby and I go out on a date… WE DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO TALK ABOUT! GASP! I’ve already heard about the glass being the … Continue reading

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Table Talk…for Families

“If you could open the back door to your house and step out into the perfect backyard, what would that yard be like?  Be as specific as you can.” This was the question we discussed around the table tonight.  Tom … Continue reading

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CDPS – I have it.  A severe case.  I mean a serious, lifelong debilitating situation. Clutter Disorganization Procrastination ‘Syndrome’. Anyone with me? This past Tuesday, my sister, Tamara, hosted our recent 4th of July lunch. As of the prior Friday,  … Continue reading

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“It’s not just for sneezes!”

“God Bless You!” When is the last time you said that to someone (other than when they were actually sneezing)?  Do you recall the last time when someone uttered that phrase to you? About 10 years ago, I had a … Continue reading

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