Have you heard that saying, “Today is a gift; that’s why we call it the PRESENT.”  This year I’m giving my family and myself the gift of being PRESENT.  That is my word for 2018. Honestly, I haven’t done that great so far this year, but these are things I am attempting to do to be more present in my life and home.  Perhaps some of them will work for you!

Setting small monthly goals.

One of those is to be off the computer from 7:20-11:20 a.m. and 4:30-8:30 p.m.  In this way I’m not on the computer during mealtimes, school times or other family times.  I currently have my four monthly goals (the others are related to my spiritual walk, my health, and my marriage) posted on the top of the computer screen, on the fridge, and on my bathroom mirror.  I need to think of my goals for June…

Reducing expectations. 

I am letting go of some of the pressure I put on myself, such as with family and personal devotions.  Yes, it is important to spend time with God daily, but if we miss an occasional day and we are on day 3 when we should be reading day 6, I am choosing not to stress over that and feel like I am failing.

Releasing stuff. 

The main thing that holds me back and distracts me in life is my clutter.  I have begun to really clear things out.  Perfectly good, functioning things!  This can be hard, but if they’re just taking up space and someone else can use the items, than I am FREED by letting them go.  The Magic Art of Tidying Up has been inspirational in this regard.

Eliminating the unnecessary. 

Here I’m referring more to things that can take up time.  Yes, homemade cookies would be better, but store bought cookies will do.  Yes, it would be fun to wrap a present really cutely, but a gift bag will do.  Real dishes are nice, but paper plates work just as well.  Yes, I want to have them for a home-cooked meal, but maybe we’ll take our friends out to eat instead. (Less mess, less time).  No harm in doing the minimal in some areas, so we can focus on the important.

Frequent reminders. 

Posting the word “PRESENT” around the house is helpful to me, as well as discussing this goal with my spouse and the girls, and daily praying, “God, help me to be PRESENT today and aware of Your Presence.”

How are YOU doing with being PRESENT in your own life, home and family?  Any helpful tips you can offer?


If you happen to click on the link in this post to purchase the above book, I will get a teensy-tiny bit of money, so thanks!  🙂

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