Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cobbler

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries are one of my favorite things in all the world, so when I saw this recipe on Taste of Home (my “go to” site for delicious recipes), there was no doubt that I would try it!!!

We had my parents over recently for chicken pot pie and easy cheesy drop biscuits, with Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cobbler for dessert.

The unanimous verdict: DELICIOUS!

I started by melting a couple cubes of butter in a 13×9 baking pan, then adding a well-mixed batter comprised of sugar, self-rising flour, milk and vanilla.  (I cut back on the amount of sugar and it tasted just fine!)


Next up were 4 cups of fresh strawberries, which we happen to have picked recently at Foxfire Farm in Louisburg, KS, on our first ever outing to pick something!  It was a great family time and we went early so it wasn’t too hot!  The girls enjoyed picking strawberries but we enjoyed the goats and chickens even more, as well as the garden tour.  (If you’re in the Kansas City area, you should check them out sometime!)


We spread those cut-up strawberries on top of the batter/butter, and then topped that with a mixture of baking cocoa and sugar.


Finally, I evenly poured boiling water over the top and this is what it looked like. (Personally, I would use less water next time because it was a little runnier than I would prefer; maybe 1 2/3 cups instead of 2 full cups).


We cooked it for 40 minutes, then pulled it out and topped it with ice cream.  Whipped cream is another option.  I also think it would be awesome to add some banana and nuts to make it almost an ice cream sundae.


Here is the link to this recipe:

And if you are looking for a great cookbook for desserts,as well as delectable main and side dishes, I highly recommend the one above!  (Personally, I cook pretty much every meal in the slow cooker).  Pretty much everything we’ve tried from Taste of Home is superb!


P.S. If you click on any of the items I posted above (like the recipe book), I will get a teensy bit of money to help me grow my blog, so thanks in advance!  Have a great day!

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