Care needed

Rounding the corner of our house last night, I was surprised and awed by the beautiful irises in bloom.


The spectacular flowers totally caught me off guard because I  had completely forgotten they were even there.  They were planted along the sides of the house before we even moved in.  We don’t do a thing to them, yet every Spring we are rewarded by their glorious sight.

It’s so nice to have something beautiful that I don’t have to maintain, that doesn’t require any work or effort on my part.  No care needed.

Not so for the remaining parts and pieces of my life. (Wouldn’t that be nice, though?)

When my husband and I don’t feel as close; when we haven’t been talking much –  care is needed!

When I can’t actually “see” a surface in the kitchen; when the clutter piles are rampant; when the sink is full for more than a day – care is needed.

When I’ve sent the kiddos to bed without much of a “Good night”; when I’ve exhibited more impatience than patience and I feel like I haven’t really spent quality time with them in days –  care is needed.

When I can’t even find my Bible because I haven’t used it in so long, when the list of things I need to pray for is long but not actually prayed for –  care is needed.

So, this is a reminder to my readers and myself that NOW (or any time) is the right time to do some tending – refreshing – revitalizing – nurturing of the most crucial areas/relationships of our lives.   A marital relationship, an organized home, well-parented kiddos, and a growing spiritual life won’t just take care of themselves like those irises.  But intentional upkeep and attention will provide satisfaction,  fulfillment and peace.  Even an almost dead plant can be brought back to life with enough time and tender care.

Gotta go…I’ve got some maintenance issues to address…

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