Following Directions

pexels-photo-751096.jpegThe drive seemed endless as I motored my way through a zillion miles of corn fields.  My friend, Andy, had given me directions and I followed them painstakingly through this Illinois corn maze.

After driving for a while, doubts started to arise… Am I actually going the right way?  Seems like I’ve been driving longer than I should have been.  Should I have turned already?  Did he make a mistake in the directions?  I’m just not sure this is right.

Almost immediately, my common sense chimed in.  Tori, he has lived here all of his life.  He wrote down the directions and they are correct.  You can trust his directions.

Sure enough, a couple miles later, I made the final turn and there was the highway I had been seeking.  I had not needed to doubt.  There had been no need for concern and wondering.

So also with God’s Word.  We can trust Him and we can trust His Word, the Bible.  Sure, there may be confusing things in there; there may be verses that seem to be contradictory; it may seem outdated.  But the Bible still gives the only fully reliable, foolproof, BEST EVER directions for life:

We can trust Him. He is faithful. His love is unending. Love Him.  Love others.  Obey Him.  Follow His way and will.  He provides salvation and redemption. Seeking His wisdom will bring peace and comfort.  He knows the plans He has for us.  Do justly. Love mercy.  Walk humbly with Him.  He is able.  He will never leave us or forsake us.

When we follow His directions, there’s no chance of us getting lost.  (Even Siri can’t claim that).


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