CDPS – I have it.  A severe case.  I mean a serious, lifelong debilitating situation.

Clutter Disorganization Procrastination ‘Syndrome’.

Anyone with me?

This past Tuesday, my sister, Tamara, hosted our recent 4th of July lunch.

As of the prior Friday,  I planned to make cheesy corn in one crockpot and some sweet potato awesomeness in the other crockpot.  (I love the recipes in Taste of Home and Fix It and Forget It.  Those are my go-to slow cooker cookbooks)

On Monday night, I decided I’d go with two “oven-made” dishes, since I had not shopped yet and didn’t want to get up early to prepare food in the crockpot.

Early Tuesday morning, I said,”Forget the cooking; the kitchen is a disaster; I’ll just pick something up from the store on the way over!”

An hour before departure, I whipped up some mac & cheese and fruit salad with ingredients I already had.  🙂

THIS is the life of someone with CDPS.  That’s just one example of thousands.  If you were here with me, you would not be able to see the top of my counter or my kitchen table.  You would find most cabinets disorganized and you might find me freaking out about not being able to find something I need…probably something I just had in my hand a few hours ago.  Ugh!  Just being real here…

Usually, I try to bring some kind of advice or resolution in my blog posts, but not this one!  The only thing I can say is this:  If you have CDPS, you are not alone!   And, there is always hope!

One of my  (MANY) books on becoming more timely, neat and organized said, “Obviously you have hope.  How else could you get out of bed in the morning and face your clutter.”   HA!!!  That is so true.  I can’t really picture myself being an organized, timely person, but I have NOT GIVEN UP HOPE that one day I could be!

Maybe one day I’ll manage to transition to “content, disciplined and peaceful”, instead of “cluttered, disorganized and procrastinating.”

But in the meantime… HAS ANYONE SEEN MY BIBLE STUDY BOOK?!?!?!?  You know, the one I just had Wednesday night when we started “Finding I Am” by Lysa Terkuerst.  I can’t find it anywhere.  ARGH!!!!!

Blessings to you in your struggle, my fellow CDPSers.  I am with ya!


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