Table Talk…for Families

“If you could open the back door to your house and step out into the perfect backyard, what would that yard be like?  Be as specific as you can.”

This was the question we discussed around the table tonight.  Tom discussed his lawn bowling lane outside and “NO CHICKENS!”  Abigail mostly focused on her family being out there and her cats and her chickens.  Kay went into great detail about her seasonal backyard – every season represented in a certain area of the yard.  There were robots and snowmen,  a self-designing Christmas tree, rakes and leaves,  a pool and a hammock, and so forth. (After her answer, we decided we need to set a timer from now on).  🙂 And, of course, I discussed a backyard full of llamas, sheep, goats, horses and a barn.

Our conversation over this question resulted in laughter, creativity, silliness, imagination and learning more about each other.  The personality that came out – WOW!

The question came from “The Meal Box”, a tool designed for families that want to really have some fun, lively and sometime thought-provoking conversation as they share a meal together!

For under $10 you get a set of over 50 cards with questions on them.  Here is just one example:

“If someone gave you $1000 in cash in the form of ten $100 bills – and told you that you had to give it all away within twenty-four hours, to whom would you give the money?

On the back side of the card are suggestions on how you could apply the question to character and/or Christian development.  This card says, ” Advertising fills our children’s imaginations with many things they can acquire and possess.  Counter that by showing your child the joy of being a cheerful giver.  For example, invite your child to donate toys and clothes to those in need or to assist a neighbor who could use a helping hand.”

On the back side of the card we answered tonight about the perfect backyard, it says the following:  “Take a moment to imagine in what ways heaven will be the perfect place. Jesus said, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.’ Take one action today that will make life in your family more like your vision of heaven.”

Whether your table talk needs a lot of help or you think you’re doing just fine, you can’t go wrong with adding this box of cards to your dinner table.  I love it and look forward to using these with my family in the months to come.

Eating together as a family is awesome and so significant in your children’s lives!!!  If you can add interactive, imaginative, explorative conversation, how much better will it be?!


P.S. I have not been paid to endorse this product, but if you click on the link and buy it to benefit your family, I will get a tiny bit of money and it will help me move toward a successful blog. THX!

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