CHANGE – It’s Not Rocket Science!!!

I have a sign hanging on the white board to my right that says, “IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!”

Above that, it lists three relatively simple things I could do to change my life and that of our family.

  1. Daily time with God (Reading the Bible, praying, and worshiping through music)
  2. More water and daily vitamins (instead of so much coke drinking!)
  3. Go to bed earlier; get up earlier (so I am ready to meet the challenges of the day)

WHY IS IT SO HARD TO MAKE THOSE SIMPLE CHANGES? Especially when I know they would be so beneficial to myself and my family.

I am choosing laziness over diligence.

I am choosing indulgence over self-control.

I am choosing wimpy-ness over perseverance.

I am choosing excuses over self-discipline.


Daily time with the Lord would help me to know Him better and be more confident in my walk with Him.  It would help develop more Christ-like character, like the patience I need in raising our girls.

More water and daily vitamins would help in several ways.  I would feel better; I would lose weight; my skin would look better; and I would be so much more healthy (which I certainly ought to be paying attention to given my kidney situation!).

Going to bed earlier and getting up earlier would CHANGE MY LIFE.  It has only happened a few times, but when I do this, the difference is phenomenal.  I get up well-rested and have time to prepare for the day before the girls awaken.  It is life-changing and makes such a tremendous positive impact.  (And, here I am writing this at 11:48 p.m.)

So, I know what I should do.  I know how much doing those things would benefit me and our family, so why can I not seem to get myself to make these changes?

KNOWING what to do is not rocket science, but for me, getting myself to make these changes is certainly a huge challenge.   Anyone with me?

If you have made some big changes in your life for the betterment of yourself and your family, I would love to hear about how you made that happen.  If you have changes you would like to make and, instead, keep doing the same things, know that you are not alone!  But every day gives us a new opportunity to start again and to improve things in our lives.

It’s up to us.  No one else is going to do it for us!

One comment

  1. Thank you! I’m going to bed now!! I stay up way too late. It’s one of my goals to go to bed by 11 and I never do it. So tonight I’ll go tomorrow bed by midnight!


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