“Mommy, you look beautiful!”

“Mommy, you look beautiful,” my almost 5-year-old said once again.   I had no make-up on; my hair was not clean and smartly styled; I did not feel beautiful AT ALL, but in her eyes, I was beautiful.

Elizabeth constantly uplifts me with her sweet compliments and affirmations.   She sees me with different eyes than I see myself.  She sees beauty when I see ugliness.  She tells me “I love you most” and “Great job, Mommy”and “You look lovely today.”

And I am reminded…

That when I am guilty, God sees me as redeemed.

That when I feel ugly, God calls me His precious creation, knit together in my mother’s womb, the apple of His eye.

That when I feel unloved, He sees me as His beloved child,

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I know that the One who loves me most thinks I’m beautiful.

My sweet girls are quick to forgive and demonstrate unconditional love, so like our sweet Jesus.

When I might not have been fair,

When the consequence I gave was too harsh,

When my voice is loud or unkind,

When I’ve been totally grumpy with them,

it’s only moments later when they affirm, “I love you, Mommy!”

It is so entirely undeserved.  That’s why it is so precious to me.

How much more does God demonstrate His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness to me each and every day!

I am so grateful for His wondrous love.









  1. Love the post! You and Amy definitely have a way with words. I believe you may have a typo in your first sentence. Check it out. Just telling you since it’s a public entry. Love you!!!!!

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