Beginning Again

Today, I will begin again.

Heavy sigh.

Can I be honest with you?

First thing in the morning, I almost never get up and spend time with the Lord, although I would tell you He is my first priority.  Instead I’m on Facebook or some other equally inane and useless activity.  When my girls get up in the morning, sadly, they find me at the computer.  😦

A lot of days, I am impatient and angry with my sweet girls and I am not productive in my homemaking.

And too many evenings, a movie is on when I could be having special bedtime routines with the girls.  I might tell you my focus God first and my family is second, but clearly the evidence does not bear that out.

And, just in case I didn’t know all of this already, the Lord sent me several reminders yesterday!

Pastor Sam asked us to consider, “Where in my day is Jesus?”  From Romans 6:15-23, we are reminded that the practice of righteousness leads to more righteousness, just as the practice of sin leads to more sin (slothfulness or anger anyone?)  What am I giving my time, attention and passion to?  How many of my 168 hours a week are spent doing things that shape me to be like Jesus?

Then, Pastor Chad reminded me that uncontrolled anger will destroy my life.  James 1:20 says, “The anger of man (woman!) does not achieve the righteousness of God.”  Also, that amidst whatever mess I might be in, God IS working to accomplish His purposes and plans.  I need to ALIGN MYSELF WITH HIM/HIS HEART!  (Not whatever political diatribes are happening on social media or whatever super clever meme someone has come up with or even with the jealousy-inducing vacation pics of friends).  GOD is unmoved, unchanging, faithful.  I need to fix my eyes on Him.

After a great morning of worship, I started my new MomStrong book by Heidi St. John.  She shares a story of an older couple from church stopping by when she and her husband were in the middle of a conflict! They shared their issue with this couple and sought some input.  The wife noticed that Heidi had lots of parenting books on the table, saying, “…I can’t help noticing the absence of the book you really need to be reading.  I don’t see a Bible anywhere on this table.  The Bible and the Holy Spirit are all you really need.  Wisdom starts in the Word.”  Ms. St. John was embarrassed that she, the pastor’s wife (!), had to be coached to go to the Word first!

In this great new book, Heidi declares that today’s moms need not just physical strength, but also strength of conviction and spiritual fortitude.  “Today’s moms need to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.  We dare not rely on human strength for the current battles we’re facing in culture…WE CAN’T GIVE OUR KIDS WHAT WE DON’T HAVE OURSELVES.”  That wisdom and strength comes from God’s Word!

SO, TODAY I BEGIN AGAIN!  And, you can too!!!!  There are many things I want and need to change in my habits and daily life, but the first and most important thing is to make the most important thing FIRST!  So, here I go to spend some early morning time in God’s Word and prayer.  May Jesus be everywhere in my day!


    • I’m sure there are so many of us who are in the same boat. I have heard since high school that I need to have daily quiet time with Jesus, but I have never done that for more than maybe 5-6 weeks in a row, ever in my life! But, I need to. I must! I cannot develop the character of Christ and grow in my faith if I am not doing that; and, clearly, I cannot pass on faith and character that I don’t actually have! I hear about these people that CRAVE their time with God, that can’t WAIT to get up for their devotional time, that frequently HEAR clear messages from God. I want to be one of those people!!! I can only imagine the difference in my life! HUGS!


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